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kids book Once Upon A Time A House

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read the story
  Dulce Rodrigues  
photo of the author Dulce Rodrigues

Once upon a time there was a young girl who loved books. Books are source of joy, fun, and knowledge.

The young girl was ill very often, and family and friends would bring her books when visiting. As for everything else in life, the more you know something, the more you want to know about it. With reading itís the same. So, the more the young girl read, the more she loved reading. And her imagination flourished with stories that would take her to other worlds; with stories she would tell to other children like her.

As the young girl grew older, life changed gradually, and she no longer had time to tell stories, but they still popped up in her head, and she kept them in a secret place in her memory until a time when... Is it not said that elderly people become children a second time?

And the once young girl had again all the time in the world to tell stories to young children! And stories happily came back from their forced exile and enjoyed filling in pages and pages of books.

You might have guessed. I was the young girl. My name is Dulce Rodrigues and Iím the award-winning author of children's books and plays. Would you like to know why I created Barry4kids and wrote Barry’s Adventure and all the other children's books?

Well, this is a long story, but to make it short I will say : I love children and I also care very much about animals. And since I am old enough to be a grandmother, I wrote these stories for my dearest granddaughters and for all the children in the world.

I hope you will like the stories and I look forward to your next visits to Barry4kids.

If you feel curious to know a little more about me, visit my personal site The site is addressed more to adults than children, but you may still find there something for you, like the monthly legends.

Have a nice time. Love.

The Author
Dulce Rodrigues

    All Texts and Illustrations © Dulce Rodrigues. All rights reserved