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kids book Once Upon A Time A House

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read the story
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  First of all the great news: the captivating adventurous story ONCE UPON A TIME A HOUSE, that received awards in France in 2004 and at the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival, has also been published in Mandarin (Chinese) in Taiwan.

Now, let me introduce myself. I’m pet dog Barry and this is my website. A dog with a website? Yeah! I’m a very special dog, and I’d like to invite you to share my passions!

I'm also the main hero of the children's book BARRY'S ADVENTURE that received awards at the 2013 London Book Festival. By writing this story, my dear boss wanted to give to prosperity my adventurous trip in Spain when travelling all the way up to Belgium, since… I was born in Portugal.

The book inspired school children in Longwy, France, to write beautiful poems about me. Feel the inspiration, too? Then send me a poem on any of the books and/or tales you find in Barry4Kids, and it will also be published here.

Barry4Kids was created by my “boss” (that lady who is always at the computer typing kids stories and updating my website) and, by the way, a few of the children’s books written by her are ranked TOP 100 at several Amazon sites.

As to good readings, I’d suggest the following that also include the awarded books mentioned above. For books in other languages, please visit the respective section by clicking on the flags you find on the left, under "HOME".

awarded kids book in English Barry's Adventure
ISBN 9781425171698


  Christmas story and play in English Father Christmas has the Flu
ISBN 9781452074788

  awarded kids book in English Once Upon a Time A House
ISBN 9781609767667


Would you like to learn a little more about Barry4Kids? Then come and visit us often; my other animal friends and I we invite you regularly to new games and a lot of easy activities. With such leisure activities you'll discover the world around you and learn a lot of things in an enjoyable and amusing way… Even Maths!

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Your four-legged friend.

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