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  title to the text about the author Dulce Rodrigues  
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My name is Dulce Rodrigues and I am Portuguese, born in the beautiful city of Lisbon. I have been living in Belgium for a few years now, but before coming to this country I also lived in Luxembourg. I speak six languages and when I was young I studied and lived for a short time in Germany; and I made short studies in England too.

I like reading as a source of learning more and more, and as a young girl I very often enjoyed telling stories to other children.

Would you like to know why I wrote the book about Barry and the other animal pets?

Well, this is a long story, but to make it short I will say : I love children and I also care very much about animals. And since I am old enough to be a grandmother, I wrote these stories for my dearest granddaughters and for all the children in the world.

I hope you will like the stories and I look forward to your next visits to the site Barry4kids.

Should you like to know a little more about me, then visit my personal site The site is addressed more to adults than children, but you may still find there something for you, like the monthly legends.

I wish you a merry Christmas with plenty of presents and a very happy New Year. Love.

The Author
Dulce Rodrigues


    All Texts and Illustrations © Dulce Rodrigues, 2017. All rights reserved