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Iím Barry, the four-legged hero of the kids' book
BARRY'S ADVENTURE, and Barry4kids is my website. A pet dog with a website? Great!

I know itís rather unusual, but Iím a very special dog.
I like reading, playing, doing masks and other fun entertaining activities. And I love CHRISTMAS!

Now that Christmas is around the corner - and this is a season for joy and amusement - my website is dressed up to welcome Santa and his magic!

With Barry4kids you'll learn about the main symbols of this special season of the year, like


Father Christmas or Santa
  Christmas tree

Christmas tree
  Christmas cradle

Nativity scene

and also about other Christmas symbols like the tradition of hanging stockings or leaving an empty shoe by the fireplace, the main Christmas colours, and of course about other traditions of the season.

For READING and DOING, there is a lot at Barry4kids

Christmas songs

Christmas carols
  Christmas story and play in English Father Christmas has the Flu
ISBN 9781452074788

  Rudolph the reindeer

Rudolph, the reindeer
Xmas angels

Christmas angels
read the story The Miracle of Saint Nicholas

Cristmas tales and legends
Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations
Christmas masks

Christmas masks
Christmas coloring book

Christmas colouring book
Christmas cake

Christmas cake
Xmas games

Christmas games
  Barry4Kids Teddy Bear, white

Barry4Kids Teddy Bear, white
a very special gift

More Christmas videos

Donít forget to pass on to your school mates and your teachers the information about Barry4kids. The best publicity is by word of mouth.

The Christmas version of my site is only on until January 7, 2018. After that date, youíll find the usual layout and features. To make the most fun out of the Christmas season, come and visit Barry4kids again soon, and check about any promotion.


A very happy Christmas with lots of gifts and the best of luck for the New Year. Cheers.
Your four-legged friend.

Barry's signature

    All Texts and Illustrations © Dulce Rodrigues, 2017. All rights reserved