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  One of my boss’s true stories is An eel in the aquarium. Do you find it strange that an eel be a pet? Well, animals will always surprise us. And I though that nobody else would have more knowledge than the eel of the story to talk to you on how to keep an aquarium. Well, here is what she told me.

how to keep an aquarium

A goldfish is ideal for someone having his/hers first aquarium. The very first goldfishes imported into Europe came from China in various shapes and sizes and even... colours!

Choose a glass basin (glass is better than any other material), preferably a rectangular-shaped one; it seems that this shape gets better oxygenation than fishbowls. Overlay the bottom of the basin with a bed of sand because your pet fish loves "digging" for food; to make the basin look nicer, place a few artificial plants – they will resist the devastating appetite of your pet fish.

As to the water quality, your pet fish is not demanding; you may use tap water, on condition it is not highly acid or alkaline. You do not need a filter either; you just have to change 1/3 of the basin water every three days.

And since your pet fish likes the water temperature to be around 18° C, a heating device is not required; the environment temperature in your living room is good for him. Regarding a light source, no special arrangements either; simply place the water basin not far from the window, but be careful so that it does not receive direct sunlight!

No living creature can survive without food, and your pet fish is not an exception. You must feed him once a day only, and the advisable quantity is that he can swallow in three minutes. Do not feed him on bread or cakes; instead buy special fish food. You will be surprised to see that one small can of food will last for months: he does eat very little!

And since your pet fish is a very friendly and social animal, he will feel much happier if he shares his basin with another pet fish. He hates being alone!

If you follow this elementary guidance, soon will you be rewarded for your engagement: a happy pet makes a happy owner.

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