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Piloto and Lassie, another story of Romeo and Juliet
As you know, what we eat is very important to keep us healthy and in good shape. What should be our daily nutritional intake?

Lassie, who is a she-dog very much interested in eating properly, gives you here some advice on what should always be present on your table at the various mealtimes.

Lassie is my mother, and her love story with my father Piloto was the source of inspiration of one of my bossís childrenís books. This story is published in Portuguese, French, and German, and I hope it will soon be available also in English. My parents were very hapy and had a lot of puppies. I was one of them!


Breakfast: as the first meal of the day, it should be the most copious possible. Donít forget to drink a glass of fruit juice about 15 minutes before taking your cornflakes (or other cereals) with milk or yoghurt. You may also alternate by drinking milk with chocolate and eating bread with butter and gelly or fruit preserves.

Lunch: around mid-day, usually eaten between 12 AM and 1 PM. It should consist of a salad (or soup, especially during the cold season) for entrťe; then meat, or fish, with potatoes, or rice, or pasta, and also vegetables; then fruit, or cake, or pudding as dessert.

Supper or dinner: this evening meal should be lighter than the lunch meal. Your should privilege fish or eggs (instead of meat) with cooked vegetables, which are more easily digested than rough vegetables (salads). As dessert, itís better to take a piece of fruit. Sweet desserts should be avoided because they are heavier and more fattening at this time of the day.

Afternoon snack: this is really a very light meal usually taken in the afternoon, and it should consist of a piece of fruit, or yoghurt. Once a while, you could vary by eating a piece of cake and drinking a glass of milk.



Certain people take tea (or coffee) with milk. This mixture may cause high indigestion because milk and coffee (or with tea) produces a toxin that is not good for the stomach. Sometimes these people donít know why they have belly pain or a growling stomach, even feel nausea and vomiting. The reason is in the fact that they drink milk with tea or coffee, and the stomach suffers this uncomfortable sensation. Now that you are aware of this health problem, speak about it to your parents, teachers, and friends. They will for sure appreciate this information.

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