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  Have you ever thought of spending some time in the company of that pleasant fellow who embodies Father Christmas (or Santa)? Would it be possible? Why not?

The villages of Tomten in Sweden, of Santa Claus in Norway, and of Joulupukki in Finland by the Arctic Circle are toy museums as well as entertainment parks that look forward to the visit of children from around the world. You can find there every kind of toy your imagination dreams of. The magic of such fairy tale places will touch you deeply and your visit will be an unforgettable memory.

  Would you like to visit one of these villages? Or would you rather write to Santa, that old fellow with a long white beard who reminds us of our beloved grandfather? Send me a message, I'll give you the addresses.

Have fun and enjoy the Christmas season. Cheers.

Your four-legged friend.


In Sweden

There is always something especial happening at wonderland Santaworld, in Sweden. The village lies deep in an enchanting forest, and the magic starts right at the moment the visitors’ sleigh drives through and joyful songs lift in the air as by miracle. Then you find the moose and reindeer park, the mysterious world of the elves, the theatre, the workshop with its marvellous souvenir toys, and you finally meet Tomten, the Swedish Father Christmas. Tomten lives with Mother Christmas who loves cooking and always treats her guests to delicious handmade cakes. Tomten greets each child personally and gives him/her a little present.

For further information: Santaworld, also in English.

Now, to learn what happened that year when Tomten came down with the flu, read the book FATHER CHRISTMAS HAS THE FLU, written by my dear "boss". It is available as paperback and e-book, and you'll for sure love it.


In Finland

To reach the wonderful world of Joulupukki, the Finnish Father Christmas or Santa Claus, you may take the little train. Once arrived in this fairytale land, children feel as in heaven: huge merry-go-round, sleigh rides, multimedia entertainments traking them to the heart of the most beautiful tales, puppets and others. Next you find the workshop and the souvenir shops, and you meet Santa Claus in person! This is for sure the most unforgettable present!

Santa Claus lives in Rovaniemi, near the North Pole for various reasons: elves need an environment where they are never short of snow! And reindeer also welcome the Lapland’s nature and snowy winters. The Arctic Circle is also the perfect place for Santa Claus to admire the midnight sun in summertime, and the northern lights in wintertime..

For further information: Santa Claus Village, also in English.


In Norway

Julissen, the Norwegian Father Christmas or Santa Claus, has his official house in Drøbak, a small fishing village overlooking the forest on one side and the fjords on the other. You cannot miss his house which stands right at the market place and shimmers with lights. Joulupukki receives his guest in the coziness of his home, where toys can be found by the thousands.

Just next to his house, there is a small post office that distributes the mail children from the world send to him...

For further information: Tregaarden´s Julehus, also in English.

    All Texts and Illustrations © Dulce Rodrigues, 2017. All rights reserved