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  title of easy maths with frogs  

The maths is everywhere, it is even present when you go up the stairs: one step, two steps, three... A story, too, can be a good starting point or source for a maths exercise, as you saw with Barry and Penguin. Would you like to try now with The Frogs’ Race?


We know that only one frog crossed the finish line. But how many frogs did actually start the race? Let’s see.

1 – Twenty minutes after the beginning of the race, 7 frogs abandoned the race.
2 – A further 5 frogs gave up twelve minutes later.
3 – Five minutes later, 3 more frogs abandoned the race.
4 – In the next half an hour, 2 more frogs abandoned the race, and only one frog crossed the finish line.

How many frogs were present at the beginning of the race?

- Easy, isn’t it? Check the answers with your teacher or your parents, or send me a message.


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