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  title of the text on fun at maths  

A lot of people think that maths are very difficult but there is no reason for such a belief; after all, maths are part of our everyday life.

Now look: when you pay the ticket you bought for the cinema, you have to know how to count, otherwise how would you know how much money you'll have to give and how much they will give you back? When you see what time it is and how much time is still left until you go to school, for dinner, or to any other place, there too you have to know how to count and make calculations. Maths are needed even when you go up the stairs: one step, two steps, three...


Learning maths with the exercises you'll find in Barry4kids is fun; by practicing them youíll become one of the best in your classroom.

Donít forget to talk with your school fellows and also with your teachers about Barry4kids and to give them the site address.

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