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Material required per mask:
1. one A4 white (or colour) cardboard sheet
2. one stick of white glue (when needed)
3. a pair of scissors
4. a thin rubber band
5. colour pencils

1. Print the drawing on the A4 white cardboard sheet and paint it with the colour pencils. Choose your drawing from those on the right.
2. Cut out the mask with the pair of scissors. Don't forget to cut out the holes for the eyes.
3. Make a hole on each black spot, pass the rubber band through them and make a knot at each end to avoid the rubber band getting loose.

Well, your mask is ready!

You may cut small pieces of rope or thick thread for the moustaches, the hair, etc..
If you wish to make other masks, paint them with other colours so that they look different from each other.

Try to get your boy and girl friends' help. For sure you'll enjoy having masks for everybody at home!

Be careful with the scissors so that nobody gets hurt.

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