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Christmas stocking ornament

To make this decorative stocking, print the template on an A4 white cardboard (210 g). Use your template for cutting out as many stockings as you like in colour cardboards. For decorating your stockings, add small stars and other Christmas details taken from magazines or your imagination. Add a cuff to each stocking, lining up top edges with contrasting one-colour felt or white cotton.

Santa Claus napkin-ring

For the napkin-ring, follow the same instructions as for the stocking: print the template on white cardboard, cut it out and use it for making as many napkin-rings as you like. For Santa’s beard, glue white cotton (or felt). Cut the opening for inserting the napkin.

Christmas decorative pinecone

For this decorative pinecone, print the template, cut it out and use if for cutting out as many pinecones as you wish in colour cardboard. Create small Christmas details (or take them from magazines) and add to your pinecones for decoration.

Christmas ball ornament

For this Christmas ball ornament, follow the same steps as for previous ornaments: print the template, cut it out and use for making as many ornaments as you like. Cut out a circle of white cardboard with the template used for the napkin-ring above and glue it to your ball ornament; in this particular case, make no opening cutout.

Christmas decorative pine tree

For this decorative pine tree follow the same instructions as before: print the template, cut it out and use for making as many ornaments as you like. Add small stars and other Christmas details for decoration.

Christmas table ornament This Christmas ornament may be used for identifying the various kinds of cheese, desserts and cakes at the Christmas table. Print the template and follow the usual steps. Use cardboard in a colour close to that of cakes and for a shimmering effect, coat with glue and sprinkle with a fine powder glitter or glass glitter.
Christmas menu card Now, a very unusual menu card. Use the same template as for the above decorative pine tree to cut out the menu card in your preferred colour; print as well the respective holder and fix it onto the back of your tree for keeping it upright. Print the smaller tree on white paper, write down your Christmas menu and glue it onto the menu card. Add small Christmas shapes for decoration.
Christmas table name and place card Next you have a cute name and place card for each guest’s place at the table. Follow the same steps as usual and print the template (one of the small pine trees). Use it for the various name and place cards. Print as well the glove shape (or use one you created) and write down the name of each guest; cut it out and glue it onto the place card. Decorate with small Christmas details; then glue the respective holder (the small one you have meanwhile printed) onto the back of the card for keeping it upright.
Handy Hint: Don’t forget to punch a hole for string (knotting both ends of the string) in case you’d like to hang your Christmas ornaments.

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