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  title to the text on reading a tale  
(tale by an unknown author, retold and translated by the Portuguese author Dulce Rodrigues)

coal tit
"Tell me, my friend, how heavy is a snowflake?" a coal tit asked a wild dove.

"Nothing more than nothing", the dove replied.

"Then let me tell you a wonderful story", the tit said.

"I was once sitting on a branch of a fir tree when snow began to fall, not heavily, not in a raging blizzard - no, just feathery snowdrops.

As I had nothing better to do, I started to count the snowflakes falling on the twigs of my tree. Their number had already reached three million seven hundred and forty thousand nine hundred and fifty-two when one more snowflake – a little more than nothing, as you say – dropped onto the branch and the branch broke off."

And having said that, the coal tit flew away.

An authority on the subject since Noah’s time, the dove thought about the story for a while and then said to herself:

"Maybe there is just one more man’s voice lacking for Peace to come to the world."

dove of Peace

Your four-legged friend.

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    All Texts and Illustrations © Dulce Rodrigues. All rights reserved