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  title to the text on reading  
  Pets like cats, horses, birds, dogs... are man’s best friends. But books make very good friends too.

If you like animals and also reading, then you for sure like stories about animals, right? And when these stories tell real adventures with pets it’s even better, isn’t it? So, I'm sure you'll love the juvenile books written by my “boss” because most of them tell the adventures lived by her pets. All these funny stories inspired the activities you find in Barry4Kids, and they are at the origin of this kids’ website, in particular Barry's Adventure ! And you're right if you think it’s my own story.

The stories were written in a spontaneous but also amusing speech, and I hope you'll enjoy reading them as I did myself. A few of them were awarded literary prizes.
  If English is your mother tongue, and you wish to improve it, you have a choice of two books – one of them is a Christmas carol. But if you would like to practice a foreign language like French, Portuguese, or German, then the books in other languages will give you a hand.

For a great start, always see the tales and legends section. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them, and they’ll make you discover the world around you and have fun in learning.

Have you already thought of inviting your school fellows to join you and reading together, not only the books and tales but also the nursery rhymes and the poems?

And have you talked with them and your school teachers about Barry4Kids? I'd appreciate that. The word of mouth is the best publicity.

  Reading is not a mere row of letters forming words, it is a way of discovering hidden worlds that you would otherwise ignore for ever.

Have fun... reading. Cheers. Your four-legged friend.

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    All Texts and Illustrations © Dulce Rodrigues, 2009. All rights reserved