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(Tale by the brothers Grimm © recreated and translated by Dulce Rodrigues. All rights reserved)

There was once an old goat who had seven little kids. Every time she would go into the woods to get some food, she would say to her little kids: “Be on your guard for the wolf! Don’t ever open him the door!” And she would then leave into the woods.

One day after she had left into the woods, someone knocked at the door and called out: "Open the door, children dear, your mother is here, and has brought something for each one of you." But the little goats knew from the rough voice and the black paws that it was the wolf, and they cried out: "We will not open the door. You are not our mother. She has a soft and gentle voice and white paws. Your voice is rough, and your paws are black. You are the wolf."

So the wolf ran to the nearby mill and sprinkled some white flour on his feet so that they become white; then he went again to the goat’s house, and knocked at the door saying with a gentle voice: "Open the door, dear children. Your mother has come home, and has brought every one of you something from the woods." The little goats saw the white paws and believed that it was their mother, and they opened the door. But who came in? It was the wolf. He swallowed the little kids down his throat, one after the other. However, he did not find the youngest kid, who was hidden in the clock case.

When soon afterward the old goat came home from the woods, she suspected immediately what had happened. The youngest kid came then out of the clock case and told her that the wolf had come and had eaten up all the others.

The old goat went outside and came to the green meadow; and there lay the wolf by the tree, deep asleep and snoring so loudly that the branches shook. She looked at him and saw that something was moving and jiggling inside his full belly. She took a pair of scissors, and she cut open the wolf's paunch. She had scarcely made one cut, before the little kids jumped out, one after the other. The old goat then filled the wolf's stomach with stones, and sewed him up again while he was still asleep. When the wolf finally awoke he was very thirsty, and he wanted to go to the well and get a drink. But when he leaned over the water to drink, the heavy stones pulled him in, and he drowned.

The old goat and her seven kids danced for joy around the well.

Your four-legged friend.

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    All Texts and Illustrations © Dulce Rodrigues. All rights reserved