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As you for sure read about me already, you know that Im the main pet character of the kids book BARRY'S ADVENTURE. Im a very special pet dog so very special that I even run my own website. Id then like to give you some tips about your dog's health and nutrition.

Regarding your pet dogs education, youll find all you need in Bobbyuka's Tips. By the way, guess what? Bobbyuka is my grandmother!


No matter what your dog's breed is, he will always be the most dedicated companion and faithful friend you'll have during your life. He will give you his unconditional love and lay down his life for you if necessary! So do not forget to care for his health condition and education.

If I've always been a very happy dog it is because my family loved me and knew how to take good care of me. So that your puppy also feels devotion for you, be sure to follow my tips and learn the basics of dog care and nutrition. He will then live long, just like me.

Nutrition: Dog food we buy in pets shops is very good food, but I would rather feed on home-made meals of rice with meat and vegetables. And, when I engaged in my travelling adventure... let me tell you... I also loved eating the codfish fritters my “boss” had brought for lunch! They were just delicious!

General health care: longhaired dogs like me need a good brushing more often than shorthaired dogs. But if you love your dog or puppy, brush him at least once a week. This will also help your mummy keep the house environment clean from unpleasant dog hair.

Be sure to also inspect his ears regularly and to clean them once a month with a cotton wool ball soaked. And just as you do when cleaning your own ears, always use alcohol, never water. This precaution will avoid ear infections and hearing problems.

Most dogs do not like having a bath and usually they do not need it. But if your dog is once very, very dirty... there is no solution other than a good bath!

Other health care:
besides the general health care we just talked about, and unless your dog or puppy is sick, basically he only needs to visit the Vet for being vaccinated and making a general check-up every year. Your puppy's first vaccination - and consequently first visit to the Vet - is usually done when he is two months old. And from that date onwards, everything will be annotated in his health booklet.

Be sure that about one and a half week before taking your dog or puppy for vaccination, you should give him a deworming drug (which you buy at the pharmacy) in order to eliminate worms and other parasites. This precaution should also be taken regularly and is as well good for you and your family. A good health condition is a first important step to a long life, either for animals or people!

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