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  title of the page for making puppets  
  Would you like to make an adorable puppet to play with?

With a puppet show you put your imagination to work to tell legends and folk tale, or other stories, while having fun and learning new things.

There are different types of puppets: hand and stick puppets, paper bag puppets, finger and sock puppets. With the ideas you find at Barry4kids you can stretch your imagination to make a few of these puppets and play your favourite heros.


  Stick puppets are a great craft for you, they are easy to make and can be made using any materials you like. With these fun frog stick puppets you may put on a show at home or at school of the beautiful tale The Frogs’ Race.

stick puppets, green, red and yellow frogs
  Material needed for each puppet:
1. one A4 white cardboard sheet
2. one stick of white glue
3. a pair of scissors
4. construction paper or felt (or any other suitable fabric) in a variety of colours
5. colour pencils (if necessary ) and a black marker

1. Print out the drawing on the A4 white cardboard sheet. You may use colour cardboard instead.
2. Cut out the various drawings.
Be careful with the scissors!
3. Glue the felt (or fabric) or paper you have chosen onto the cut-out drawings (you have to cut out the drawings again). Otherwise, paint the drawings instead.
4. Glue the stick onto the back of the puppet
5. Do some finishing touch.

If you print out the drawings on colour cardboard (green, red, yellow, blue), you have an easier task. As you can learn, frogs in the wild exist in all colours and shapes.


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