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  title of the page on bookmarkers  
  A bookmarker is a thin marker, commonly made of paper or card, used to keep the place in a book you’re reading, and to enable you to return to that page with ease. Try you bookmarker when reading ONCE UPON A TIME... A HOUSE, a captivating adventurous story that received Honorable Mention at the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival and was awarded a literary prize in France in 2004.

Material required: a white cardboard sheet, white glue and a pair of scissors.

How to do it: Click on the picture below and print out on white cardboard. Scissor the drawings and glue them together. You'll get a strong bookmarker that is also decorated on both sides. But if you prefer, you may use each drawing alone and leave the other side of the bookmarker blank.

Bookmarker with ocean drawing Bookmarkers with flowers and invertebrates Bookmarker Barry

Bookmark savanna Bookmark jungle  

Your bookmarker is ready and you may now start reading a book.


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