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  title of the text on easy maths with Penguin  

So that you take pleasure in learning this very important subject called Maths, I leave you here a few exercises inspired from my travel. Have fun learning!


Exercise 1:
During my trip, I crossed 5 European Union countries. As the European Union countries are 27, how many more countries would I have to cross if I wanted to visit them all?

Exercise 2:
From Lisbon to Caceres - the Spanish town where I got lost - it is around 313 Km. From Caceres to the town where I live in Belgium, it is 1795 Km. How many kilometres driving is it from Lisbon to Belgium?

Exercise 3:
Portugal's surface is more or less 92000 Kmē. Knowing that Portugal is about three times larger than Belgium, what is Belgium's surface?

Exercise 4:
Luxembourg's surface is about 2600 Kmē. Our neighbour Spain is 194 times larger than Luxembourg. What is the approximate surface of Spain?

Check the answers with your teacher or your parents, or send me a message.


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