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  title of easy maths with Penguin  

As you aleady saw with Barry's exercises, the Maths are not so difficult and they make part of our everyday life.

The two exercises I propose you now are inspired from the story Penguin and the Fig Tree and will surely give you some ideas for other exercises. With them you'll let your school mates amazed!


Exercise 1:
When the author was still young, she would spend her summer holidays at her oncle Ernesto's house, near the beautiful beach of Figueira da Foz. The distance from Lisbon to that beach (city) is 198 Km and the voyage would take about 6 hours by train. What was the train average speed?
- Easy to solve, isn't it? Now think how often this kind of calculation is necessary? Next time you go on a travel, either by train or by car, you'll be the one who tells your parents how fast you ran!

Exercise 2:
Nowadays, fortunately, trains run pretty much faster, for exemple, a high speed train can reach a speed of 240 km/hour, in other words, it can run 240 Km in 60 minutes. If you would take one of these high speed trains to do the same travel of 200 Km from Lisbon to Figueira da Foz, how long (in minutes) would it take?
- I agree this exercise is a little bit less easy, but with your teacher's or parents' help you'll manage to solve it!

Check the answers with your teacher or your parents, or send me a message.


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