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  title of the text of a maths recipe  

As you know, we use maths all the time during the day, even when we climb up the stairs, or go shopping. And we use them also when we cook. Now, see by yourself!


Make bread
For your bread recipe you need the following main ingredients: 200 g wheat flour, 300 g wholegrain flour, 400 ml water, and 10 g fresh yeast. But instead of making bread only for today, you wish to make bread also for tomorrow. You’ll then need to duplicate the quantity of ingredients.

- How much wheat flour, wholegrain flour, water, and yeast will you need?

Make a cake
Now, try with another recipe. For backing an orange torte cake for 8 people you need the following main ingredients: 8 eggs, 500 gr of sugar, 4 oranges. Well, it’s your birthday and you’d like to invite your school mates to the party. All together, you’ll be 12.

1 - How many eggs, sugar and oranges will you need for a cake for 12 people?

2 - And if instead of 12 you’d just be 6?

Do you see how maths are easy and useful… and even “tasty“?


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